What's A Blog Anyway?!

Well, welcome to SoCouture LLC. I hope you all had a nice experience while shopping around the site. The site may still have some kinks, I am not a web designer, by far.  But, I spend hours on end every day, making sure that the website is accurate and up to date, processing orders and creating shipping labels.  I even make daily runs to personally mail your packages. I surely hope you all enjoy your custom items because a lot of love and care is put into each order.  Feel free to thank my mom for talking me out of spraying my favorite perfumes on each package :).  It seemed like a good idea at the time. 

So, on to blogging. I want this section of the website to grow organically. I haven't put much thought into what direction I would like the blog to go in, but I know this is something I personally like to see company's  do. I'll make sure that all of the blog posts are honest and enlightening in some way. Hopefully, I'll shed some light on my personal  thoughts and outlooks on things.  When our team grows a bit, I will be sure to solicit more writers, until then, you guys are stuck with me. Punctuation and grammar errors and all.



Nisha T

Vernisha Taylor