3 Chic Chick's Official Launch Party was a HIT!

I'm proud to say that our launch party was a major success. We were ecstatic to see so many familiar faces there in support of our new and growing businesses. Everyone that showed up seemed happy for us, proud even. I cant express enough gratitude for everyone involved. We set out to have an all woman cast of photographers, host, djs, caters, vendors and models, which we were really close to doing but we couldn't pass on the opportunity to have DJ Gee A and photographer Robb Smith in on the event. Those two added to the bill just made the public's curiosity go thru the roof and we were blessed beyond measures for their participation.  

No more name dropping. Let's get to the nitty gritty.  The details behind what made this event a success and how it changed our outlook forever.  We started the day running late.  No one was in the building but our Makeup Artist, Pretty Patti.  Even the owners texted to say the clean up crew would be behind an hour.  I stumbled in there 30 minutes behind schedule.  The space was a mess. And for some reason it was more huge that I remembered. I asked myself 'How in the hell are we going to fill this space.  I don't know that many people.'. All sorts of doubts started to fill my head. But I sat there and got my make up done. Patti made me laugh. She was cool about me being late. She is funny as ever so soon, I forgot that we were running behind and that I had no idea who would come besides the presale tickets we sold.

Patti's cool demeanor and a little whisper from the man above calmed my spirit and for that I am forever grateful. It's so important to have positive people around you when you're doing an event or anything that involves other people. Energy is transferable and because we started off with a good vibe we ended with a great vibe! Even 2 weeks later people are still mentioning to me how good of a time they had. I'm proud to say the least. This event wasn't huge, but the impact was major. This launch party was truly the push we needed to keep going with moving our brands forward and finding our place in the industry. July 10th was just the beginning. Stay tuned!

Vernisha Taylor